Exciting Pearl News!



We are extremely thrilled to announce that our new MaxMarino Collection for Spring/Summer 2020 will be made with the absolutely gorgeous Kamoka Pearls!                                                              

I wouldn’t want to sound too cocky but, as a sailor, ocean lover and scuba master instructor who has dove on the 7 seas; the meaning of knowing where my pearls come from is extremely important.

Our pearls will be coming directly from the lagoon at the Kamoka Pearl Farm on the atoll of Ahe in the Tuamotu Archipelago. A family owned farm, where pearls are harvested in the most sustainable methods of aquaculture.

When you love pearls you also must know about them. I’m grateful for I have been gifted with the instinct to naturally feel and appreciate each Pearl’s natural value, and to be able to personally choose what is best for the pieces I design and make for you.

Cartoon Claudia 1  Cuxhaven, February 2020

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                                                       The Inspiration


When you are a bit of a nomad, there is not much space in your luggage to carry with you important memories; all of a sudden your heart and mind start being your biggest suitcases to carry those unforgettable treasures that have marked your childhood and the younger years of your existence.

 Here, a few items found in a small trunk that had crossed the oceans a few times, I still carry what is materially left of some of my fondest memories of my early years.

Antonia 1

Antonia was her name … the sweetest, most prudent, clever, dedicated and caring grandmother that you could ever have. High heels, immaculate pencil skirts and silk blouses, and always, always a strand of pearls and studs that were the continuation of her smile.

I proudly say that it was there, by her side, where my love for pearls started. She patiently allowed me to take them all out off their individual silk bags to try them on; and to spend magical hours of my childhood looking at the luster and natural colours of the strands. It was with her where I learned that the ocean has many presents for us humans. The spirit of the ocean reflected on the luster of a single beautiful pearl, magical!