Story and concept of the Brand

Whilst living by the beach near Cartagena in 2005, I started creating pieces made with beautiful natural materials. Using the pearls I had brought from French Polynesia, I combined them with the fibre of the banana and the coconut trees, mixed with silk, linen and leather. The outcome was an interesting and unique contrast of earthy materials with fancier and more delicate textures. Those first objects were labeled under MaxMarino.

Max: The name of our Dolphin. Marino: /mə’ri:no/ 1. Connected with the sea. Marine Life. 2. Connected with ships or sailing.

Soon, the first collection featuring Tahitian Pearls and Fresh Water Pearls, was being sold at exclusive boutiques in Cartagena, and on board luxury cruise ships around the world.


  Alaskan cruises



The concept of MaxMarino is to give an Ode to Nature.

 Pearls and natural materials are combined to create unique pieces without frame in time.

Our pieces are all hand-made without using any patterns.

Every piece is created intuitively at the time of the making; inspired individually by each pearl. No trends are followed.



  The Designer

MaxMarino is a result of being a mélange of professional Scuba Diver, Designer, Artist and Globe Trotter.

I have used pearls since I was born, and still after over half a century; I am passionate about them.

My delight is to personally design and assemble each piece exalting the beauty of nature.


Claudia Maldonado Dungan